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"At all times I took the example of Fidel Castro, Raul and the Revolution, together with the conviction of Homeland or Death." Danse Macabre of cynicism

Lowell Dale Lawton, overseeing a parade of the "Ladies in White", but met with strong response from a people defending the revolution.
do not tire of ridicule, both contracted internal dissent as the government of the United States as hypocritical, dirty and absurd policy of subversion within Cuba, to try to overthrow the Revolution, funding to small groups who screamed "democracy and freedom " as with every cry I drop crumbs in little pockets of Uncle Sam and other officials hounds civilized Europe at the service of empire as they go through Cuba.

USIS officials, as Lowell Dale Lawton, with cynical and brazen attitude, and supported by international media correspondents represented in the island, try to give a distorted image of a turbulent Cuba in demonstrations against socialist government, but actually collide with another reality much harder (but that silence or misrepresent) and the popular response to another of the troupe called "Ladies in White", this last Sunday 27 February, 19 and K streets Vedado, Ciudad de La Habana, where he attended Lowell to monitor, but found his own ear in a woman shouted to the officer: Yankee, go home! , and gave him a photo of the heroic guerrilla Ernesto "Che" Guevara before his own face.
Despite what we loosely known about the workings of imperialism, in reference to their dirty war against the Cuban Revolution, and the treacherous work of dissidents, Cuban television and published on the website web "Reasons of Cuba" was laid bare, once again, through a program called "pawns of the empire" , the dirty tricks that are used to create independent journalists and spokesmen for the "Human Rights "in the service of imperialism.

Response residents of Havana to the circus mounted by the "Ladies in White"
In this program there is to know the heroic work of two agents of the Cuban state security managed to penetrate the small groups of dissidents and expose the lies for which they work, primarily with the "independent press" and the groups of the "Ladies in White".
Moises Rodriguez Vladimir agent for the Cuban security
Moises Rodriguez, Vladimir agent, contacted Elizardo Sanchez (the Camaján), in which he managed to approach the officials of the USIS (the U.S. Interest Office in Havana) and receive instructions from them for counterrevolutionary activities. Similarly, traveled to the United States, Miami, where he contacted Luis Posada Carriles and knew of specific plans of strengthening a destabilizing movement in Cuba, drawing on so-called "Ladies in White" which receive financial support Santiago Alvarez, another notorious terrorist.

Carlos Serpa, Emilio agent for the Cuban security.
Carlos Serpa, Emilio agent, became the President of the Union of Free Journalists of Cuba within the ranks of the enemy, live news broadcasts on Radio Martí on paid activities "Damsels".

However, one of the most striking things heard of Laura Pollan, leader of the "Damsels," commented AP say is: "All those people who want to help of good will, from right to left without conditions, we accept it, but terrorists do not, because we will not link up with bloodshed''.

Luis Posada Carriles But your hands are not stained with blood, like Santiago Álvarez become? But the United States government does not have their hands stained with blood of so many murders organized by the CIA to political leaders, unions and social movements from around the world, or the massacres carried out in their bombing and strafing air in military interventions like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and so many others? Roberto Micheletti Do not have their hands stained with the blood of all the people of Honduras, when he carried out his coup with fire and repudiated the manifestations of the people? But Ms. Pollan is able to rub the phone with this murderer, when he called to offer their support.

What do the corporate media now? Will it to light the traquimanejos of puppeteers manipulating SINA dissent and the latter in their efforts to live off the profits of this business mercenary? Very simple is the answer to these questions: media blackout.

to distort, misinform and lie are the Miami Herald, Infobae, El Pais, ABC, La Vanguardia and the entire burden of the corporate media monopoly. Those who venture to comment on the fact, did so with some diffidence and trying to minimize or distort the fact. AFP reviewed: "Havana considers the opposition" mercenaries "working for the United States, and the TV on Saturday sought to reinforce that image."

What hurts these Pharisees of SINA and all his puppets, is that there are still heroes who sacrificed their lives for something greater than themselves: The homeland defense of the Cuban Revolution, the security of an entire people.

Carlos Agent Persian sentence in their statements an unalterable principle of those who bear his soul clean and fight for his country and his people: FIDELITY , and it said "At all times I took the example of Fidel Castro, Raul and the Revolution, together with the conviction of Homeland or Death. "

Carlos Serpa was received with great joy by the inhabitants of the Isle of Youth, where they live and walk as revolutionary today convinced that it is in the streets of his homeland .
Videos broadcast on Cuban television.


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